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Once upon a time, having pumpkins growing rampant at the back fence and hens sitting protectively on their eggs was a common experience for many people. However, today the reliance on packaged food and takeaway meals has seen the loss of this vital link between patch and plate.

Grow Harvest Cook is about rekindling the thrill of a home harvest, the fulfillment of a pantry stocked with homemade goodness, and the joy of sharing a lovingly prepared meal made with your own produce. Grow Harvest Cook is an essential companion whether you have a small urban garden or are looking to establish a substantial kitchen garden for your home.

This stunning 400-page book takes the reader through more than ninety types of produce - from almonds to oranges to zucchini - providing simple information about growing conditions and harvesting tips, ideas for making the most of your produce, including preserving, drying and freezing, as well as fresh and simple recipes to make all year round. Set out in a beautiful design and alphabetized for easy reference, each page is filled with gorgeous full-color photographs of the produce and the recipes.

Learn to make never-fail banana bread from home-grown bananas, Thai beef and basil salad from home-grown basil, or a mixed berry tart from home-grown berries. Food never tastes better than when you've grown and prepared it yourself! Grow Harvest Cook will inspire you to green your thumb, don your apron, and share your own good food with friends and family.